Sycamore Park

Sycamore Ave
Mill Valley CA 94941
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This cheerful playground is symbolic of what happens when a few parents get together and use their infectious determination to bring together the entire community to support their dream The playground was completely rebuilt over the course of a few days in the summer of 2006.

Look for this park entrance between houses. Like many other local parks, its entrance may be confused with a driveway. Two long narrow lawns shape the letter “L”, right in the corner of this shape sits the playground divided into two large areas one is a fenced in tot lot, the other is a big kids’ area both carpeted in wood chips. The cement pathways leading up make it somewhat wheel chair accessible. The play structures are built from wood and plastic composites. The general themes are reflective of Marin County such as the bay, the mountain, historic trains, Miwok Indians and native animals. The tot lot is ringed by a slatted fence embossed with sponsor names as well as hand painted sponsor tiles. Your little one can play on the two toddler bucket swings or the one chair swing. There is an elephant slide, a caterpillar tunnel, climbing rings and a sand box with a train station depot and professional mosaic wall. In the big kids’ area there are no swings but several slides of varying shapes. The play structure is called the Presidio Tree Fort decorated with hand painted insects, animals and plants. There is the Mt. Tam climbing wall, a fabric trampoline bridge and the S.S. Tennessee Sunken ship among other treats. One barbecue grill is set off on its own, there are many benches but no picnic tables at present. Because of local ordinances, there are no toilets of any kind.


Pee Wee softball is taught here



Drinking Water





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3 thoughts on “Sycamore Park”

  1. There are now both picnic tables and a drinking fountain at Sycamore Park. Love everything about this park. My son is a huge fan of the slides!

  2. My kids love this park! The climbing structure is wonderful. The sandboxes are a lot of fun. My daughter loves that there are low and high rings. The only downside is that there is no bathroom. So remember to bring along your portable potty in your car.

  3. I love the community spirit and cooperation that created this park, and also the esthetic and local landmark appreciation, but I’m afraid I’m not a fan of the play structures themselves. Low crossbeams means lots of bonked heads, the large playstructure is tough to get at should your wee ones get into trouble, and no big kids swingset means that my daughter never wants to come here.

    I *so* wanted to love this play area.

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