Sun Valley Park

Solano St
San Rafael, CA 94901
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This fully fenced in playground sits on a large span of lawn which includes a gazebo with picnic and barbecue facilities, and a basketball and volleyball court. The playground is divided into two areas one for toddlers and the other for older kids. They are just the right size for keeping an eye on children in both areas at the same time. The structures are made of metal and plastic on sand. The toddler area has a play house and slide structure with a motorcycle coil rocker. The big kids’ area has a climbing structure, slide and tube slide. The swings include two toddler full-bucket and two big kids where four used to be. Some shade.


Sun Valley Market is a close stroll on California St.


Toilets with running water.

Drinking Water

No. Drinking fountain removed.




Dogs are permitted on the grounds. Conveniently placed pooper-scoopers are available.

5 thoughts on “Sun Valley Park”

  1. I’m a local with three kids and a dog, sadly I have witnessed more than one dog fight and people not picking up poop, I have even found poop in the fenced off playground…such a shame as the field is ruined because everyone treats it as a dog park ( it is not! There are leash signs) I have a dog, I love dogs , but my dog does not wander around loose, I keep him leashed. It’s very frustrating as I believe kids and dogs should mix, but a field full of poop is just wrong, this is why I’m knocking off stars as the park itself is great.
    Clean bathrooms, water fountains , easy to watch the kids, shade from a huge tree, four benches, nice community feel. It’s on a narrow sidewalk free street so please drive cautiously.

    Forgot to mention two blocks away is Andy’s market, perfect for lunch, fro-yo, coffee, snacks, restroom with a lovely outdoor eating area.

  2. I went to this park today and did see 4 dogs, none of them on leashes. All of the dogs seemed very friendly until another showed up and there was indeed a scuffle. I didn’t see any dog poo, but I was disappointed when one of the dogs came into the playground area. The dog was friendly, but completely unsupervised and I can see someone getting angry if their toddler or child was afraid of dogs. There were plenty of toddlers, which was nice, but also older kids who used the toddler toys to climb up on top of the swing sets. One 9-10 yr old child thought he was being polite when he told my 20 month old daughter “Excuse me” to encourage her to get off the baby toy so he could climb on top of it. It’s a nice place, but I’d rather go to Memorial Park.

  3. Our playgroup meets here every Wed. afternoon. It is a great park for 6 3-year-olds to run around (both in the playground and out with friendly dogs.) The kids love it, the Moms love it, it’s a great park. I have never seen a dog fight and I think the dog owners do a fairly good job of cleaning up after their pets.

  4. This is a great neighborhood park for both children and dogs. I am there every day and have never seen a dog fight. The dog parents are all very responsible for picking up after their dogs and the parents with children enjoy being able to exercise their dogs while entertaining their children in the play area. Sun Valley Park is great!

  5. Sun Valley Park was just renovated;

    New drinking fountains – when the children haven’t dumped them full of sand from the playground.

    New bathrooms – when they are not clogged up full of a whole roll of toilet paper because children are not supervised in bathrooms.

    Parking – LIMITED this is a neighborhood with narrow streets and the residents park on the street. New gazebo. Nobody cleans up after their dogs and there have been many dog fights on a daily basis. If only the parents that go to Sun Valley would keep an eye on their dogs, and also clean up after them.

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