South Hamilton Park

Hangar Ave & Stern Dr
Novato, CA 94949
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Hamilton Airport Park (also known as Palmisano Community Park) is a great park. Totally worth the drive out here. There are so many fun things to play on for different ages. All equipment is new made of metal and plastic on wood chips and rubber mats. There is an airport theme carried over in the play toys such as a free-standing airplane and helicopter. With the limited shade, toddlers will enjoy the cool water play sand pits. There is a small lawn and a picnic area with kid sized picnic tables. This area is not fenced in, but it is not near any busy roads either.


Clean portable toilets.

Drinking Water



Parking lot is before the playground by a large baseball field. You may wish to take a stroller for little legs.


McDonald’s by Embassy Suites, Hamilton Café.

3 thoughts on “South Hamilton Park”

  1. Highway 101 in Novato
    Ignacio Blvd/ Bel Marin Keyes Exit
    Turn right at Nave Dr 0.8 mi
    Turn left at Main Gate Rd 0.5 mi
    Continue onto Palm Dr 0.4 mi
    Turn right at Hangar Ave 0.4 mi
    Continue onto Calienta Real/Caliente Real 0.2 mi
    Park is next to a baseball diamond

  2. The directions lead you through a military base and to a dead end street that you can see the park in the next neighborhood past the barrier. There isn’t any street parking and you have to walk to the park from wherever you actually find parking. we waisted too much time looking for the actual park that we didn’t even get to play as time was too short

  3. Great Park but the street name makes it hard to locate. The parking lot is actually on Hangar Ave. There are no street signs saying “Caliente Real” or “Burma Rd”. I happened upon the park just by accident while trying to find it.

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