Scott Highlands Park

Vista Linda Dr
Mill Valley, CA 94941
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This newly remodeled playground has lots of fun new items. The fully fenced in park is divided into an upper and lower area. The upper area is reached by concrete steps. Use the handrail. It is covered in wood chips and has a large plastic, wood and metal play structure with two plastic slides. Separate from this is a swirling stick, a yellow saucer seat spinner, a long row of monkey bars and a spectacular Christmas tree merry-go-round. The lower ground is covered in a soothing black spongy composite. There is a fun tunnel train that rocks, a small log play house, a four seat coil teeter and a gravel pit with gravel digger. There are only two benches and shade from the surrounding trees. Despite the lack of toilets, this park is well worth a visit.



Drinking Water



Limited off street parking by side of road. One new handicap spot


Large grass field is above the play ground for a game of ball. Beware it is not fenced in so the balls could fall into the street

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