San Clemente Park

Paradise Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925
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Here you will find two separately fenced-in areas on sand with play structures of slightly worn metal, wood and plastic for all ages. If you have an older child in Little League or Soccer, you can watch the game from here while your toddler enjoys the playground. There is a shade arbor covering 3 picnic tables and barbecue sites. Surrounding the area is a large baseball and soccer field, volleyball court, and a basketball court. No pets.

Just a note that the schools adjacent to this play area often use the facilities during lunch time so plan your visit accordingly.


Wheel chair accessible ramps to play structures.


Public restrooms.

Drinking Water



parking lot off Paradise and Golden Hind has a larger one shared with a school.


Wheel chair accessible. Even though this is next to a school, it is a public park. You may use it happily with the awareness that you may want to grab your toddler when the big kids come out at recess.

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