San Anselmo Memorial Park

Veterans Pl
San Anselmo, CA 94960
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San Anselmo Memorial Park, also know as Millennium Park, is a testament of what can happen when a community pulls itself together for a good cause. Countless volunteers constructed this fantasyland in two days. No small feat as you will see. There are two areas; one for toddlers and the other for big kids, neither of which is fully enclosed. The tot lot has a train theme with wooden play structures resembling a train station, an engine and slides which deposit little fellows in soft sand inside the train area or on tan bark outside. There are at least three coiled horse riders, three toddler full-bucket swings and one lounge chair swing that is very popular with adults. Outside of this area is a water wall where various ceramic glazed creatures, such as a dolphin and alligator, dribble water. Caregivers can sit along the wall while children frolic.

The big kids area, recommended for ages seven and up, shares a castle and dinosaur theme. The castle is made of wood, metal and plastic, and has endless towers to climb, slides and tubes to descend and bridges to swing on. On hot days there is a water mister under one of the towers. Just follow the squeals. Make your way over to the huge climbable dinosaur with “fossils” in the sand pit and a climbing wall Here you will also find more swings, the kind for big kids. In fact, this whole area is really meant for big kids with supervision. The one draw back is that the toddler area and the big kid areas cannot be supervised from one another. So if you happen to show up with children of various ages, you will need to be creative, say flip a coin about who is going where first or set your watch. This must see park is surrounded by cheerful hand painted tiles, an expansive lawn, soccer field, and a barbecue and picnic area.


Tidy restrooms with running water.

Drinking Water



Large lot that can fill up if there is a party.


Red Hill Shopping Center has a super market and delis.

3 thoughts on “San Anselmo Memorial Park”

  1. My two year old twins love playing on this play structure – it is one of the largest in the area and there are lots of great places to climb and run around without fear that they will fall off the structure. Unfortunately it is often crowded and since the play structure is more geared towards bigger kids the littler ones sometimes get knocked over or don’t get to go down the slides since the bigger kids are climbing them. There is also a play area for younger toddlers but my kids are drawn to the bigger playground; it has great swings (including a tire swing), a sand play area and a dinosaur the kids can climb.

  2. We live close to this park, so it is easy for us to go here. Overall the park is nice. Our little one loves the toddler bucket swings. However, a lot of RUDE dog owners use this park. Dogs are supposed to be on leashes until 8:00pm, but few are ever leashed. Dogs are not allowed in the playground areas – but that doesn’t stop their owners from bringing them in! Huge Irish Wolfhounds, Akitas and Rhodesian Ridgebacks roaming free and within a few feet of my infant daughter does not make for a relaxing afternoon at the park. We have started trekking our little girl to other parks, where dogs are not allowed!

  3. We avoid this playground on warmer days at all costs. There is 0 shade and it gets extremely hot and uncomfortable for the most part of a warm day. Sad, because the structures and layout are wonderful. We found we could only use it on the ‘in-between’ days where it hadn’t been raining but it wasn’t yet hot. We have avoided this playground now simply because of how uncomfortably hot it gets.

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