Playground Safety

This is a two part discussion. One involves the equipment, the other involves strangers.

Age Appropriate

Most younger child equipment is meant for toddlers who have a strong command of walking and climbing. Toddler full bucket swings are meant for kids that can sit up on their own from about one year to three years. Older swings are for ages five and up. Older kid equipment is typically for ages five and up. You must use your own judgment since all kids come in different shapes, sizes, and desire for adventure.

Inherent Risks

Any playground comes with it’s own set of risks. Pay attention to slippery surfaces, gaps in railings and stairs, small kids eager to try items meant for older ones, swings, chain climbers, poor fencing, bees around trash bins and stray dogs. Again use your own judgment.

  • Bring a towel as water often puddles at the end of slides in early mornings.
  • Sunscreen is always a good idea.
  • Metal slides can get very hot so test them before your little one sits down.
  • Bring hand wipes so if you choose to picnic, your child won’t be eating anything other than the food you brought.
  • The ice cream truck strategically arrives just before dinner, so come armed with your answer. Once your little one learns what that singing truck means, they will beg.
Other People

No child is ever too young to have this important chat. Sure you will keep your eye on your kid, but when things happen, they happen fast. Better that you are all prepared. For example, tell your child to always check with your first if he or she:

  • is offered a treat
  • is asked to find a lost puppy
  • is coaxed to look at something away from the play area by some one other than you. This is not meant to scare your child, just make him or her saavy.