Pickleweed Park


Here is a beautiful park situated in the Canal district (an area avoided in the past but now is being gentrified.) The general theme is trains with a set of rails imbedded in the cement walk and a stationary train for kids to “drive”. In the center is a clever roadway just the right size for kids and their bring-along peddle vehicles. It comes complete with street signs, a round-about and parking meters. You will not have to wait long for a swing since there are plenty of toddler full-bucket swings and older ones. Plastic and metal slides and a large climbing structure on sand and rubber padding provide lots of fun. Check out the unique rope spider web climbing wall for older kids. The unfenced playground borders a large lawn with picnic and barbecue facilities where kids may be tempted to run astray.


Toilets and running water.

Drinking Water



Small lot.


The recreation center posts announcements and activities.


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  1. Lots of unique and fun equipment. A little too much litter.

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