Peacock Gap Park

Peacock Dr
San Rafael, CA 94901
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This delightful playground is tucked at the end of an eclectic display of houses with varying architecture ranging from adobe to 70’s ranch style. There’s lots of space for your little one to take off and run which can be a good thing especially if they have been cooped up too long indoors on rainy days. Happily the toddler lot is fully fenced-in. The gym is in the shape of a boat with ladders to climb and a slide. There is also a playhouse, a coil rider motorcycle with passenger seat and three toddler full-bucket swings all on sand. This is also the only part of both playgrounds that has any shade. The big kids’ area is open and on sand. There is a wide seesaw to accommodate many kids at once and a swing set. The broad climbing gym is of metal, wood and plastic and requires supervision. Benches sit in a circle between the two playgrounds but it is hard to keep an eye on kids in both areas at the same time. Separate picnic and barbecue facilities are offered, along with a field, tennis courts and a small walking trail with labeled exercises.


Clean toilets with running water.

Drinking Water



Small lot.


Dogs are abundant.

3 thoughts on “Peacock Gap Park”

  1. I don’t have any experience with the big kid side of the playground, but the toddler part is gross!

    The play structure is old and covered in thick webs, dead leaves and trash, and it’s over a sand and dirt mixture — not just sand.

    Maybe I was spoiled in the city where the equipment was well-maintained, cleaned off with a leaf blower occasionally and the ground below was turf or rubber matting, but I would not let my toddler play at Peacock without serious supervision (and a change of clothes!!!)

  2. There are so many unique things at this playground. I think it was just as fun for me as it was for my 2 year old because of the diversity and uniqueness.

    The toddler area has a huge climbing tree stretching into and over it. My son will be thrilled to climb it when he’s a bit older. Because of the tree, this area would be perfect on a hot summer day. However, the tree brings spiders and lots of fallen leaves. So, the sand and structures are dirty and full of webs. I thought about running to the car for some wipes – and, no, I’m really not neurotic! The sturdy rocking motorcycle with sidecar was a hit with my guy. I even sat alongside him to keep it going.

    When we ventured to the big kid section (which is completely separate from the toddler area) we had so much more fun. The seesaw is really wide (I think it’s a boat) and is perfect for mommies to either push with their knee or sit alongside the kids. I bet you could fit 6-8 kids on this seesaw! The slides and bridge were also really fun. Although it’s really for older kids, the young ones need close supervision because of the distance to the ground.

    It would be great to bring a blanket for lunch because there’s an adjacent grassy area that’s perfect for picnics. We brought our trike and had a nice bumpy ride around the grass and tennis courts before we left. I could imagine kicking a soccer ball safely and easily around the grass, too.

    Downsides: Besides what I mentioned about the toddler area above, there’s not really a good place to play in the sand…especially if the sun is in full force. I did see one mommy with her 9 month old sitting on the edge of the big kids area. Another downside is that it’s pretty far off the beaten path. So, unless you are in the area it seems like a big deal to trek out here. Also, no cell signal for Sprint. Overall, I liked it and will likely be back someday…perhaps before a Trader Joe’s run to make it more convenient.

  3. I LOVE THIS PARK! It has shade!!! So few parks in central Marin have shaded area that kids can play under.

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