Old Mill Park

352 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941
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Located on an historic mill site, Old Mill Park is a charming refuge from the chaos of traffic and heat of a sweltering day. The plastic and wood structure is over sand and has two slides a corkscrew and a straight one, with a variety of items such as a steering wheel, tic tac toe, rings, a tunnel ladder and a wooden bridge. The two toddler full-backed bucket swings are placed far from the two older kid swings. Both sets are far from the play structure, which lowers the risk of kids running into the swing zone, but poses a problem if you have multiple children who still need side-by-side assistance and want you to be at two different places or swings at the same time. Near the toddler swings resides the ever-favorite climbing turtle. The one of-a-kind picnic and barbecue facility is in a ring of towering redwood trees, (who knows how many kids these giants have watched grow up and have kids of their own?). There is an amphitheater behind the library. Bring rain boots or water sandals because the creek is always tempting to explore. This park is not fenced in.


There is an original Gravity Train car to climb on from the Mount Tamalpais crookedest railroad in the world. The replica of the old mill built over the creek, however, is not for climbing.


Nice public restrooms with running water.

Drinking Water

Fountain outside bathrooms.




Food is available in the many downtown restaurants or pick up a picnic at Mill Valley Market. On your way to the park, check out the great kids’ store on Throckmorton Avenue called Mill Valley Baby & Kids.

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