Molino Park


This park is sunk into a hillside. A steep staircase enters it from above. Because of the steep sides, there is no fencing along the road. A broad grassy area holds a play area, an asphalt basketball court, and picnic tables with no barbecue. The complex multi level play structure is composed of plastic and metal and sits on wood chips. This structure requires supervision for younger kids. There are two toddler full-bucket swings and two older. A parent noted that it gets very hot here. Best to go on a foggy day, early mornings or late afternoon.



Drinking Water



Limited street parking.


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  1. An unremarkable park unless you live within walking distance, in which case it’s a godsend. There’s no shade on sunny days except for the extreme western fringe. The best thing about this park is how empty it is most of the time.

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