Marinwood Park


Situated right next to the fire station, this park offers lots of fun. There are two play areas enclosed by one fence. The two toddler full-bucket swings and big kid swings are next to each other making it easier to watch and push children of varying ages. There is a plastic and metal toddler structure over wood chips with four slides and a sand pit, a small playhouse and a frog coil rider. The older kids’ area has one big slide, a climbing wall and many bars to hang from. You need a lot of upper arm strength to use this set. There is plenty of shade, benches and grass and a few picnic tables. The open trash bins invite yellow jackets. Park Rules are posted.


Toilets with running water.

Drinking Water

Two tiered water fountain.


Parking lot.


The nearby swim club is a favorite among locals.


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  1. Lots of shade makes this a great park on warmer days.

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