Hal Brown Park


Greenbrae may not have a downtown, but this is where the local kids and caretakers convene. Large fields with very kid friendly bike paths and dog walks. The sand covered playground houses a large wood and metal play structure with metal slides, one toddler full-bucket swing, two older kid swings and one spring teeter-totter. Parking is limited and not permitted at Marin General hospital which is across the street.


The picnic area with barbecues are located in the shade.


Public Restrooms.

Drinking Water



Limited street. You might be better off doing neighborhood parking on McAllister Ave and Berens Drive and walking past Bacich school.


This is a great park especially if you have kids who like to ride bikes. Take advantage of the long paths along the bay.


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  1. HI, I LOVE the renovations! Two water features (one is a river that actually works) a water spigot, both in different areas. And a great tube slide that doesn’t get hot! Nice shade and the best paths for my son to practice his balance bike. Bummer it doesn’t have more than 2 bucket swings, but a playgroup favorite.

  2. Just heard that the renovations are complete as of 2/14/11. Check it out and let us know how it is!

  3. Renovations are complete and the park is open.

  4. Any word on when the park is going to be open?

  5. Creekside Park is under construction and fenced off. Sign says closed until Oct, 2010

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