Creekside Drive Park


The smell of hay makes you realize you’re in horse country. The enormous scrub oaks shade vast portions of this lovely park. There are two play areas both on sand. The one for toddlers has a small wood and plastic structure with a side-by-side slide, a tunnel and steering wheel that is accessed by a chain ladder, supervision advised here. There are two swings one full bucket, the other a half bucket and two coil riders: a motorcycle and turtle. The big kids’ area is a rambling wood and plastic structure with a row of monkey rings and fireman’s pole, a spiral climber, a tire swing and one tall twisting slide. There is a picnic table and a bench in the shade between the two play areas.


Never crowded.



Drinking Water

A fountain.


Look for the small parking lot before the park behind tennis court. There is no parking along the street.


Hiking on near by trails.


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  1. This park had been completely renovated, please come take a look at the New Park!

  2. This is a nice neighborhood park to take your little one(s) to on a summer evening, or weekend day.

    There is a huge, beautiful oak tree that provides tons of shade from hot summer sun.

    For longer visits, the picnic area is not that big – it would be ideal if there were tables, a bbq and a nice patch of grass under the big tree.

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