Corte Madera Town Park

Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925
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This very popular, newly renovated park spans 22.7 acres.

The playground is enclosed by one large fence. It contains two areas of play, one is a large circular area for toddlers and big kids and the other is primarily for older kids. Be forewarned that on a crowded day this large area can be challenging to locate multiple children.

The circle area contains a miniature road made of a soft compound complete with railroad crossing signs, traffic signal and yellow stripes. Kids can bring their pedal cars and bikes. This road makes a complete loop in the center of which lies a grassy area and a sand pit with a rock climbing structure made of rubber and real rocks.

Outside the mini road are two sets of swings conveniently placed near one another over wood chips, one for toddlers with full-bucket swings and the other with big kid swings. They are far enough away from running kids, a clever safety precaution. But if you are going with kids who differ in age and want to be pushed at the same time, you will need to get creative. There is a toddler section on a cheerful rubber matting with it’s own plastic and metal climbing structure with straight slides, a tube slide and several coil riders in the shape of motor cycles. For older kids there is another metal and plastic play structure with bridges and climbing ladders, horizontal bars and more. This area requires supervision since much of it borders on rubber matting that falls away at a steep incline. When sand gets on this incline, the surface becomes very slick.

The other older kid area is in the shade of oak trees. There is a combination of new and old equipment with slides, and a rather serious climbing wall. Young kids will be tempted to wander here.

Outside the fence are 7 picnic and barbecue sites, which can be reserved, softball and soccer fields, tennis courts, and a basketball court.


Post Office, shops and duck pond are right near by.


Public Restrooms are near the tennis courts, but they are quite a walk away and are hard to negotiate with a stroller.

Drinking Water

Drinking fountains exist including a vintage lion that tends to get clogged with shovel-fulls of sand.


Large lot.


Can get very crowded especially on weekends.

5 thoughts on “Corte Madera Town Park”

  1. Its nice to see marin get renovated parks, and I hope many more. It would be nice to have a near by restroom otherwise this is a great park.

  2. I’d also have to rate this the best park in Southern Marin. Different areas for different ages, from toddler play to the climbing wall for the bigger kids. And with the school nearby, even older siblings can ride their bikes or play baseball while their younger siblings play on the various play structures. The dinosaur bones hidden in the sandbox and the lion’s head water fountain (from the original play area) are nice, whimsical touches. Very large area, lots to do, all while being fenced so you can keep a (relatively) close eye on the kids.

  3. One of the best parks in Marin, in my opinion. Fenced to keep kids in. Atmosphere is great and there are usually many kids to play with. Nearby picnic tables may be reserved for parties. Bathrooms are fairly close and clean.

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