Castro Field

Vendola Dr
Santa Venetia, CA 94903
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This is a new playground which replaced the run-down ball park known as Castro Field. It is not visible from the road and is entered through one of three alley-ways between the surrounding homes. There is a large grassy area with groomed dirt paths. At one end is a small metal and plastic play structure on wood chips with side-by-side slide, tunnel, square ladder, and a short curved climbing wall. For the time being there are no swings or sandbox. But considering that this was created by the Santa Venetia Neighborhood Association, there is a good chance that those might show up one day. In any case, playground goers should be grateful for the new park complete with a volleyball net, picnic tables, benches and new trees which will grow up to provide shade.


Very quiet.



Drinking water

Fountain is handicap accessible.


Street parking.


(415) 472-5250.

One thought on “Castro Field”

  1. This area was the Mecca for all young boys playing Little League Baseball in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s from San Rafael Meadows to lower Scabo. I am glad to see the improvements done to this area and I hope that the local families will take full advantage of the facilities. I just wanted to thank all the Mother’s and Father’s from bygone days that made the former Ball park such a magical place to grow up with. Long Live Castro Field.

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