Boyle Park

East Dr
Mill Valley, CA 94941
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Two separate playgrounds for toddlers and kids are both encircled by a low wall for care-takers to sit on. The wall is decorated with handprint tiles. The toddler area is fully fenced in and is on clean sand with a handicapped rubber walkway that tiny kids tend to slip off of. In the center is an elaborate plastic and wood play structure with two curving slides, a double width slide and a tunnel tube to climb through. Under the structure more adventures can be found with a train and it’s steering wheel and welcomed shade. Nearby is a multilevel toy truck with speaking tubes that tend to get stuffed with sand and a steering wheel that is the envy of many a would be driver. There is also a small wooden playhouse with a table and benches on one side and a counter on the other. Sit along the charming hand-printed tile wall that runs nearly the entire perimeter and watch your kids. Some day there will be shade here once the trees grow. Outside this area are four toddler full-bucket swings and two older kid swings on wood chips. The swing sets are with in sight of each other but are conveniently spaced apart to lower the chances of small kids running in front of big kids swinging. The big kids’ play structure is newly remodeled. It has one slide, large rings, lots to climb on such as a spiral ladder and a bridge. Picnic tables offer shade under the oaks. There is a large barbecue, baseball field, tennis courts, and a lawn.


This is not your standard freestanding metal barbecue. Here is a classic brick barbecue pit with extensive grating that can cook enough burgers for an army all at once.


Public Restrooms.

Drinking Water

Fountain by restrooms.


Small lot behind tennis courts.


The partial fencing can be a problem for kids whom exhibit selective hearing especially near the creek. Dogs are permitted on a leash but many roam free (and that means roaming free from their owners as well.)


Boyle Park has had some shade towers mounted on the toddler equipment and there is also a small square picnic table, that is handicap accessible, added in the big kids’ area.

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  1. People have dogs with them and even keep the dogs in the sandbox at Boyle park. That should be absolutely forbidden

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