Boyd Memorial Park Playground

Laurel Pl
San Rafael, CA 94901
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On the grounds of the San Rafael Historical Museum is a large partially fenced in area with manicured lawn, picnic tables, and a hiking trail along the stream. The playground has a wood and plastic play castle with Taj Mahal ice cream style tower. A coil spring rocker dragon and an alligator over wood chips completes the theme. The museum is a restored Victorian that will someday be open to the public. Lots of shady trees such as loquat, maple, cedar, and redwoods. A single tennis court for locals sits by the road.


The real bathrooms are closed and replaced with a portable toilet.

Drinking Water

Not working.


Tricky street parking or a meter lot on Fifth street.


Directly behind the playground is a fire road for maintenance trucks. Watch kids closely since there is no fencing here. Also note that sometimes locals hang out in the secluded areas with radios, drinking and dogs.

5 thoughts on “Boyd Memorial Park Playground”

  1. I went during the day Thursday and it was pretty quiet. A couple people eating lunch athe tables and a few homeless sleeping out of the way. Nothing to make you feel uncomfortable.

    A yelp review said barbier security is now patrolling the park.

    I think it’s worth giving this park another try.

  2. I took my kid there and there were late teens at the hoops swearing and smoking. My kid just wanted to shoot hoops. I tried to stay on other end of park as not to embarass my 13yr old. the people were cussing at me and whistling. My kid told them I was his mom and they started laughing and swearing at him with no regards to an adult being there. We left and on our way out some drunk was staggering off the park fell and passed out. Not a family friendly park. Wished our police had been there. Wished police were there to rough up the idiots maybe we could have stayed longer than we did. We won’t go back which is to bad seeing how its biking distance from our house.

  3. This park is just down the street from me, and I would NEVER take my child here. Its nickname is “needle park” because of its constant stream of drug users. I don’t even like to walk past it.

  4. Boyd park sucks. It’s not the homeless that make the place suck it’s the local police harassing everyone. Your town needs to keep it’s gestapo on a leash not the local dogs. I’m a tourist and think the whole city of san rafael is a dump. not the city the people in it.

  5. My son loves this playground. I hate that the homeless not only drink there, but also smoke and leave cigarette buds all over the playground.

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