Arroyo Avichi Park

Taft Ct
Novato, CA 94947
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Because of its close proximity to a baseball field, this playground looks to be part of a school. It is not. You are welcome to play here. The one thing unique to this place is that there is not a big central play structure but several different smaller items. The most impressive is the double water tube tunnel on a spongy rubber surface which is functional in hot weather months. Next is a yellow pyramid rope climber and a canoe and two toddler full-bucket swings all on woodchips. There is a circular sandbox with a sculpture of a bear in the center. The last play area has two big kid swings, one large enough for an adult to hold a child on their lap. There is a tall curly slide and two stone sculptures, one a sphere and the other an arch. There is a small grassy area with many picnic tables and a mini amphitheater with a small circle stage and two rows of benches. The area is all wheelchair and stroller accessible because of the cement sidewalks. Near the shade of trees and the baseball bleachers is a small barbecue and picnic table. Note this playground is not fenced in so watch the creek and road.


Yes. Portable potty by the Arthur St entrance.

Drinking water



Dog friendly place with pick-up mitt dispenser. One handicap parking spot.

One thought on “Arroyo Avichi Park”

  1. Love this playground! It can get pretty hot in the summer, but they all do and this one has the water rings.
    It´s close to our house so we go play there a lot.

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