Albert Park


Amidst the 11.5 acres of fields, two baseball diamonds, lawn, tennis courts, bocce ball courts and a recreation center, you will find a very small fenced in playground. Squeezed in together are a toddler swing, tiny slide, play house on sand and a couple of coil spring rockers. A unique table holds a finger skateboard park. Bring your finger skateboard and play. Such boards were all the rage a few years back, it’s worth a try should you be able to come across one. If this is not enough amusement for your little one, a walk across Albert Lane to the Wildcare animal refuge is certainly worth a visit. You may take a self-guided tour and visit eagles, kerstles and wood peckers. Catch it around feeding time and watch the birds of the sea gobble up fish whole.


In recreation center.

Drinking Water





Wildcare/Terwilliger animal refuge (415)453-1000.


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  1. I may have lost my keys in Park by the playground. If anyone as found them and turned them in can you call or email me. They have a Black Subaru key and about 6 others on it. Thank you.


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